In this Newsletter were covering the customer experience a full report is attached. For those who are interested.

Other news is Iíve been around the South Island this last week and there is an air of a positive season ahead. The Tourists are back with a vengeance they have been away for a number of years. Itís great to see such a positive outlook. There are many opportunities coming up so donít hesitate to be contacted when they do. Update your profile now and you will be emailed when they do. If you are having trouble with your user name and password email me and we can help with this.


Menus are the most important part of your business itís not a case of cooking for six people as so many television shows will have you believe. Itís a case of delivering a consistent standard priced correctly to meet the current market. The menu must be designed so that your kitchen can handle delivery with the equipment and staffing resources available. A good chef will take this into account when writing the menu. After all itís about making money to pay the bills and combining artistic flair.
With the tourist seeking value for money Chefs and restaurant management must work to keep the menu prices I believe under $30.00 for mains, those restaurants that are, are doing very well. Those wanting to play in the higher end are mostly having a difficult time with either attracting the skill level required to deliver the menu and achieving consistency or paying the bills with the lack of customers.

Iím always happy to hear your opinion on the above.
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